Description of CELPOOL

High performance filter medium for water treatment of swimming pools, makes the water healthy and crystal clear. 
100% natural product used in Olympic water centers and leisure centers in the United States, Europe and Australia. 
It has been successfully applied in different resorts, academies and clubs throughout Brazil since 2004.

CELPOOL applications

The filter media is installed inside the pool filters using 30% less material than sand filters. In some cases, when replacing sand with CELPOOL, it is necessary to reduce the backwash flow rate (due to the lower density of the material), with considerable water savings.

Benefits of CELPOOL

  • Thanks to the removal of ammonium there is the reduction of chloramines with the consequent reduction of odors and unpleasant effects such as burning eyes or irritation to skin or hair;
  • Energy saving for the reduction of backwashing and chemical products;
  • Effective removal of fine particulates leaves the water crystal clear.

Download the technical data sheet: