About zeolite

The zeolite (Wikipedia) or better, the zeolites, given the high number and the different typology, are crystalline aluminosilicates hydrated of alkaline metals with three-dimensional structure.

These minerals are characterized by the ability to release / absorb water reversibly and to exchange some of the elements of the constitutive scaffold without significant structural changes.

Struttura fisica di una zeolite

The zeolites were discovered in 1756 by Freiherr Axel Frederick Cronstedt, a Swedish mineralogist, who coined their name from the Greek words ζέω (boil) and λίθος (stone) whose meaning is “boiling stones”. .

This refers to the particular behavior they show when they are immersed in water.

Since then, about 70 types of natural zeolites have been recognized and more than a hundred have been synthesized in the laboratory.

Towards the end of the 1950s, the world learned that the zeolites consisted of particular volcanic tuffs that formed deposits in ancient salt lakes of the American west or in thick marine deposits such as in Italy and Japan.

Nowadays, more than 200 distinct types of natural zeolites are known in over 40 countries.

The high purity and proximity to the surface of sedimentary deposits led to intense commercial interest in the mineral.

Many industrial applications were developed based on the physicochemical properties of natural zeolite.

The wide range of applications of natural zeolites derives from their potential use as ion exchangers, their high reversible adsorption capacity and their characteristic of natural molecular sieve.

This allows the use of zeolite in the decontamination of toxic substances of various kinds.

Zeolite is also able to exchange heavy metals, ammoniacal nitrogen, adsorb iron and manganese and then purify drinking water or effluents before being released into the environment.

Natural zeolites play a very important role also in agriculture.

Indeed, they improve the cultivated soils, enhance the effectiveness of chemical and organic fertilizers and are integrated as components of the substrates for cultivation.

In the animal production sector they are used both as a technological food additive and to reduce the environmental impact of farms (in particular by reducing odor emissions and contamination vectors).

A great deal of research has focused on the development of new products, trying to give a technological character to this already naturally prepared mineral and directing business opportunities towards a future characterized by technologies in harmony with nature.

In this scenario, ZeoGroup stands out as a reference point in the field of technical development of products, processes and their marketing.

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The history of the ZeoGroup began in 2002 with the realization of a project to import, modify and market natural zeolite-based products in Brazil.

This project required significant investments and development of technologies and solutions for the various potential markets.

Years later this same business model replicated in Portugal.

Subsequently in Bolivia and finally in Italy, thus forming a group of companies with total focus on the market for natural zeolite-based products.

Zeogroup was born from the desire to use the strength of every single company to consolidate a solid reality worldwide.

At the moment the companies that occupy a prominent place in the respective territorial contexts are: Celta Brasil, Zeocel Portugal, Celta Bolivia and Zeocel Italia.

A strategic alliance with the main challenge of guaranteeing greater control and access to the raw material, unifying products, brands, visual identification, quality standards, technologies and commercial actions, maintaining a constant commitment to the technological development of products.

The guide to the development of technological solutions, the knowledge of the processes of modification of natural zeolites and the high capacity of the global commercial service, puts Zeogroup in a prominent position in the zeolite market.

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