ZeOcel Italia

Water Treatment

High performance products developed for drinking, domestic and industrial water treatment and swimming pools



Products to improve soil fertility, plant resistance to diseases, maximize the efficient use of nutrients. Foliar products to improve quality and quantity of all agricultural productions


Animal Production

Products intended for animal nutrition with the aim of ensuring greater health, lower incidence of diseases and lower environmental impact of livestock productions


Our strong points

  • Zeocel Italia is partner of the ZeoGroup®, an international company specialized in the production, transformation and distribution of natural zeolites, with international offices and experts in Brazil, Cuba, Portugal, Bolivia.
  • Active participation in international associations such as INZA (International Natural Zeolite Association) and IZA (International Zeolite Association);
  • Innovative products and applications of natural zeolite in agriculture, water treatment, animal production;
  • Multidisciplinary experience in dealing with new problems and new technical requirements;
  • Development and innovation of ecologically sustainable products to ensure better environmental sustainability according to the UN Global Compact Goals;
  • Specialized in the study of processes and their engineering.


  • Develop products and technologies based on natural zeolites to distribute in global markets, creating links between producers of natural zeolites and users;
  • Develop high technical knowledge within the work team and transform it into an important strength point.


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Social responsability – Ethical and listening channel
  • Respect for the environment
  • Processing and analysis of scientific documentary processes
  • Social, economic and environmental sustainability
  • Continuous improvement
  • Innovation and cooperation


The world, and in particular agriculture, goes in the wrong direction.

We see more and more imbalances of all kinds, global warming, famines, soil impoverishment. We must put a remedy!

We strongly believe we need to work with and for communities and farmers, to make sure that we return to put the soil, as a resource and not as a simple substrate, at the center of our priorities.

We believe in an imminent future where agriculture will be healthy and sustainable, recognizing the essential role of the land.

Our Awesome Team

Cosimo Masini

CEO & Founder

Davide Manzi

Biologist & R&D

Annick Labonté

Marketing Director

Giulio Giannardi